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3D Product Rendering

The golden rule of “a picture is worth a thousand words” has shown the comparative value of visuals and words. This is true as 90% of the information processed by the brain is visual.
And just admit it, most of us just do not have the patience for text especially a large number of words.
According to statistics compiled by Tech.Co and News Cred, people remember 80% of what they see (as opposed to 20% of what they read and 10% of what they hear). Also, 67% of consumers prefer businesses that provide clear, detailed images of their products (and mentioned that images are more important than product descriptions). No matter how good your content is, website visitors are first engaged by visual elements, not written content.
So, here comes 3D Product Rendering for all businesses especially small-medium enterprises!

What is 3D Product Rendering?

Product rendering or “Product visualization” is the best alternative to traditional photography.  To put it another way refers to the use of 3d software to create photorealistic images that would be used in marketing and advertising. It is also the best choice for small-medium enterprises especially for product rendering at Amazon, eBay, or any online business. Product rendering can be defined as a computer-generated image of a product.

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Product photography for Amazon and eBay

Why use 3D Product Rendering?

The advantage of 3D Product Rendering: Cost, Cost, and Cost! Producing a 3D product rendering is so much cost-effective than traditional photography. 3D Product Rendering can be the best choice for small-medium enterprises especially for product rendering at Amazon, eBay, or any online businesses.
The advantages of 3D product rendering are no complex prototype is needed, and do not require any photography skills or team. This makes 3D product rendering a better choice than traditional product photography in term of cost.
Imagine the constant design changes of a prototype due to market demand change, technology change or etc.. This means that manufacturer must invest a lot of money, energy, and time to hire specialists to build and refine the product prototype. Not to forget the dedicated photography team to take photos of the product prototype.
With 3D product rendering, any alteration to the products can be changed at any point in time, and hundreds of images can be created in a blink of time with multiple choices of colors, patterns, textures, or any requirements

How much does 3D product rendering cost?

After knowing the many advantages of 3D product rendering, the most important question is: how much does it cost? The main factor for the cost of 3D product rendering depends on the complexity of the model and the quality of plans. This is because product rendering can vary depending on the products, thus there is no simple answer to the price of the project may cost.
As a general guideline, the cost of a visualization studio which offers high-quality 3D product rendering falls approximately between $50 to $550 USD. If you are looking for a more complex and advanced product design, the average price that you would expect will be ranging from $500 to $5000 USD onwards. Just a note that every studio offers different prices and packages for the 3D product rendering. A renowned studio that produces higher quality work will certainly charge a higher price as compared to others. You can also reach out to cheaper rendering services from countries such as China, Sri Lanka, or India.
The easiest way to find out the 3D product rendering cost is to consult with the respective 3D product rendering company to know more information about your projects.