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How do you sell a home that’s not built yet

Colombo, Sri Lanka – How do you sell a home that’s not built yet?

That’s a real challenge Sri Lanka real estate developers as well as property agents faced in selling at slow property environment currently.

Looking at an architect’s drawing or a computer rendering isn’t good enough. Agents these days need to give clients a better sense of how their future home will look and feel, both inside and out.

Traditionally, Real Estate Developers will build Physical Showflats for the launches. This marketing move has served them well for booming market. However, in current situations where sales are coming slow, especially for the bigger units, having a physical asset like these might not be so practical. Often, show flats have to be demolished ahead of actual development completion.

The bigger issue will be marketed for overseas clients when you don’t have it built,” “How are you going to show someone what it looks like?”

The solution: Virtual reality.

With 3D Virtual Reality, A 360-degree, immersive experience lets buyers look and move around a virtual version of the unit they are interested in. Simply with a click, you can visualise the unit with or without furniture, Lighting features, floor finishesm, etc..

This phenomena technology gives them “the ability to actually put people within a space,”

Some Virtual Reality Solutions are

  1. Google Cardboard.
  2. Oculus Rift virtual reality headset,
  3. Samsung Gear
  4. HTC GEAR (Strongly Recommended)