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furniture rendering and modeling

Furniture Visualization

Furniture Visualization

Traditional product photography has a lot of downsides: it’s complicated, static, inflexible and very costly. By building a computer-generated model of the product there are endless possibilities for customization: colors, angles, textures, finishes and more. This, on the other hand, is something traditional product photography cannot produce without significant effort and high costs.

Staging the scene for a traditional product photo shoot takes too much time and effort – and it’s very expensive. Our CGI Furniture Visualization Style Shots brands and retailers can tell a better product story while saving time, money and resources. The days of expensive product photo shoots are long gone. Now furniture brands and retailers can enjoy thousands of photorealistic room scenes, offering an interactive experience to their clients, bringing them closer to the “add to cart” button

A design of dining room furniture from a different perspective (views) and colors. Furniture is not as easy to photograph as they are bulky, especially when the furniture is offered in different colors or can be configured in different ways due to their unique design. Also, the products need to be put in different backgrounds, according to the type of furniture they belong to. All these requirements make it rather challenging for traditional photography and 3D visualization plays a practical and perfect role in this case.

We are experts in modeling all types of furniture and give them life with our 3D Rendered Photographs. We can create high-quality 3D Models of Sofas, Chairs, Tables, Wardrobes, TV Units, Electric Equipments, etc. and create Photorealistic Outcome of each model in realistic space, much faster than in reality with prototype and using minimum expenses for the Catalogues, Marketing Material & also for E-Commerce websites.


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