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3D Rendering is a cost-efficient alternative to photography

5 Benefits of using CGI for creating furniture catalogs

5 Benefits of using CGI  for creating furniture catalogs. 

The time that furniture companies have to pass through the hassles of doing traditional photoshoots to create beautiful catalogs is long past. With the advent of 3D rendering technology, companies can create realistic computer-generated models of their products. This type of model gives the prospect a more realistic feel of the furniture and leaves a lasting impression in the viewer.

Because 3D rendering is mostly used for marketing purposes, getting the design right is of utmost importance.  With this technology, ordinary ideas can be converted to masterpieces. However, there are certain strategies you can use to create an awe-inspiring 3D furniture presentation. In this article, we will show you the techniques you can use to produce high-quality3D furniture catalogs.

3D rendering of modern minimalist chair design"

3D Rendering is a cost-efficient alternative to photography.

You must have used high-quality photography in your previous project, and know the value it provides as well as its drawbacks.  A better alternative to photography is the 3D rendering application which can create excellent photorealistic images as well.  The added benefit is that going through the 3D rendering route is faster and more cost-efficient. So, if the escalating cost of photography is becoming unbearable, remember that you have a cheaper option. Moreover, nobody can distinguish between photographed images and 3D-rendered ones besides experts like us that designed the 3D models.

Not only is 3D rendering much better than working with a photographer but also they now have complete control over every single variable in a scene. With large companies like IKEA, Nobilia, Miele and many more all utilizing 3D imagery in their marketing and for creating furniture catalogs the benefits are becoming more and more apparent. Anybody still building real-life physical sets is not only getting stung financially but are missing amazing opportunities for increased creativity and productivity in their product marketing.  Photorealistic rendering, you can be sure to enhance your product within the best-suited surroundings.

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Take advantage of Situation Marketing

In marketing, you often need to present the same model in different settings or environment.  A typical example is using an Easter or Christmas theme to market the products for the season.  The creation of a themed environment in photography requires the purchase of many stuff -not with 3D rendering. Rather than purchasing several items just for a single photoshoot, the 3D visualization company can create any kind of theme from their virtual library of décor.


Display the same models in several colors easily.

The trouble of creating furnishings in various colors just to provide color variations for products is not worth it. So most companies just display one variation of a finished product and provide color and material option beside it.  With 3D product rendering, it gets even better.  The designer can create just a single model and modify it to various colors and material finishing.

Display a product in various perspectives

Although photography is capable of creating good product samples, 3D rendering can achieve better results.  With the rich tools at the disposal of the 3D artist,  the possibilities are only limited by imagination.  Many features in 3D applications allow the designer to sculpt, create various textures, paint, repaint, illuminate and add transparency to models. With these functions, the artist can tweak pieces of furnishing to give it various looks and themes like retro design, studio furnishing, and many more. The ability to create masterpiece models on the fly allows you to win clients with different taste for furnishing.

Besides, you can use a piece of single 3D-rendered furniture for various marketing campaigns in the future Imagine, you can feature a model you rendered years ago for brand new digital or print media advertising. Also, you can use this model to create an augmented reality app.  These computer-generated models are valuable assets.

Create an Interactive 360 Product Rotation Catalogue.

It’s been 200 years since the first camera snapped a photo. Why are you still using traditional photography to tell the story of your products?

Whereas images are static, the 360 view is dynamic, enriching the user experience and making the audience truly connect with your products. The spin effects can make shopping in your online store feel more real and almost as sensory-focused as in an offline store.

 Imagine, the possibility of displaying various stylish variations of products or giving the customer the freedom to viewing various angles. Even the most skeptical customer will be impressed.

You can check our website for other insider tips about the rendering procedure and see the past projects and catalogs we have made.  Over the years, we have been working with professionals such as Online Furniture Stores, engineers, architects, and manufacturers to create 3D models that enhance their profile and marketing endeavors. Make sure you bookmark our the web site to see the latest projects in our portfolio.  Also, Follow us on Instagram and Facebook